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Whether you're practising for your theory test, or just want to double check the meaning of a particular sign, here you can browse a wide range of UK road and traffic signs.

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Accompanied Horses

Addtional Traffic Joining Left

Advance Warning Restriction Ahead

Advisory Route Lorries

Ahead Only


Approach Junction

Approach Junction (Bilingual)

Approach Junction Roundabout

Approach To Junction

Appropriate Traffic Lanes Junction

At Junction

Available Width Head Room

Back Vehicle 450 Yards

Back Vehicle 800 Yards

Back Vehicle Direction Arrow

Bend To Right

Border Approach Junction

Border Approach Junction Crossroads

Border At Junction

Border Toilets Disabled Access

Bus Lane Road Junction Ahead

Buses Cycles Only

Camera Area

Camping Caravan


Contra Flow Bus Lane


Cycle Route Ahead

Destination Leaving Motorway