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Whether you're practising for your theory test, or just want to double check the meaning of a particular sign, here you can browse a wide range of UK road and traffic signs.

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Lane For HOV

Lane Restriction

Level Crossing Ahead Barrier Or Gate

Level Crossing Ahead Without Barrier

Level Crossing Minature

Level Crossing Without Barrier Ahead

Light Signals Ahead

Loose Chippings

Mandatory Speed Limit

Manually Go

Manually Stop

Maximum Speed

Mini Roundabout

Minimum Speed

Minimum Speed End

Motorway End

Motorway Exit Countdown Markers

Motorway Service

National Speed Limit

No Buses

No Cycling

No Entry Vehicular Traffic

No Goods Vehicle Over Weight

No Left Turn

No Motor Vehicles

No Overtaking

No Right Turn

No Stopping

No Stopping Times

No Through Road